Airforce Headquarters


Engineering, Project Management, Enterprise Architecture



Air Force Headquarters were seeking advice to inform the future upgrades for the Air Mobility Fleet and commissioned the Air Mobility Information Exchange Requirements (IER) study to help. The Air Mobility IER Study was initiated to provide a targeted and well considered capability upgrade pathway that satisfy information exchange requirements based on an assessment of policy, doctrine, future IIP investments and stakeholder needs.

What We Did:

  •  The AM IER study was structured around the following three phases:
    • Baseline Analysis: This analysis determined the existing hardware, stakeholders and their interfaces, and interface with other Air Mobility assets.
    • Communications Analysis: This analysis investigated the requirements of each stakeholder considering all policy and preparedness requirements for the Air Mobility role, current and known future compliance directives, and all Joint Force requirements.
    • Technology and Hardware Analysis: This analysis considered existing and potential exemplar hardware to assist in creating a viable technology outcome that supports the information exchange requirements.



  • Produced three reports: Baseline hardware analysis report, Communications analysis report, Technology analysis report.
  • Identified and mapped the information exchange requirements for the Air Mobility platforms and the stakeholders they support.
  • Completed analysis and documentation to be able to clearly communicate the current Air Mobility Fleet systems, capabilities, limitations and expansion opportunities.
  • Liaised with Defence Industry to understand future modifications to support IER requirements.
  • Developed a capability development roadmap for the Air Mobility Fleet.
  • Developed a cost estimate and risk assessment for proposed upgrades over the next 10 years.

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