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Praxis was formed in June 2016 with a vision to provide engineering and project management services for the Defence Aerospace Industry. Its founder, Andrew Hutchinson had long had a goal of starting a professional services company and with the planned upcoming tender for the Defence Services Panel this was a once in a decade opportunity. The vision established early on was to create a culture where people are respected, challenged, and supported. This vision has continued to grow and expand as the business has grown.

In 2017 the company hired it’s first full time employee

In 2018 the company was successful in being included on the DSS panel and shortly after established agreements with all the Major Service Providers (MSPs).

In 2019 the company outgrow its home office and established a physical presence in Brisbane CBD to improve its ability to meet with clients, business partners and future employees and provide a collaboration workspace for staff not embedded within clients facilities.

In 2020 the company became a Defence Industry Security Program (DISP) member allowing it to review and sponsor security clearances. This was also the year the company became one of a small group of companies on the Australian Space Agency Support Services Panel. In 2020 was also gained access to our first international market being approved for the New Zealand Ministry of Defence Technical and Support Services Panel.

To be Australia’s premier aerospace engineering and project management professional service provider and design organisation.  Providing cost effective, experienced and trusted staff to support the development of Australia’s air and space capabilities. 

Praxis Aerospace will build a team of aerospace engineering and project management professionals capable of being trusted advisors to our clients, the team will be supported, empowered, and challenged to grow personally and professionally.

The business supports two main sectors:


· Provide professional engineering and project management services in support of Defence Aerospace programs;

· Support provided directly to the Commonwealth through the DSS Panel and MSP subcontracts (above the line)

· Support provided to Defence Primes and their Tier 1 suppliers (below the line)


· Process space licence applications on behalf of the Australian Space Agency

· Act as the Suitability Qualified expert authorised by the Minister required for Space Launch Licence applications

Culture & Values.

Praxis Aerospace is committed to providing our clients with premium quality services. We put 100% effort into everything we do and ensure all products and services delivered are to the highest quality. In order to provide this, we are committed to establishing a culture defined by six key values that shape and influence our work every day.

Family First

Families are an important part of our lives. Being able to be there for important family occasions and milestones is important.


We are committed to establishing relationships of trust. We are honest in all our communications as this is essential to building trust with our clients and suppliers.


We are committed to supporting our clients throughout project file, ensuring that we deliver the highest quality outcomes for the customer.


Integrity is a human condition ingrained in individual character that bestows freedom from moral corruption. Integrity is essential to all Praxis Aerospace employees as it implies honesty, sincerity, reliability, unselfishness and consistency of approach. We have the courage to do what is right.


We put the needs of others ahead of our own. We will go out of our way to support our clients and others within the Praxis Aerospace Team.


We are leaders in our fields. We are able to apply the technical knowledge and skills required in the specialist job roles and responsibilities in order to achieve the expected outputs. We are on the cutting edge of innovation and have knowledge of individual strengths and weaknesses, taking active steps in continuing professional development.

The Team.

Meet the experienced & driven team leaders behind Praxis Aerospace. Hover on the images below to find out more about the people that make this company tick.

Andrew Hutchinson

Principal Aerospace Engineer

Andrew is an accomplished and results driven leader with 20 + years' experience in Senior Management, Engineering and Project Management roles within both military and civil Aerospace.

Tanya Radke

Project Officer / Security Advisor

Tanya is an experienced project officer and security advisor with multi-sector experience and a proven ability to adapt to complex legislative environments.

Peter Loock

Technical Assurance Engineer

Peter is an experienced Quality Manager with extensive experience in the Military Aerospace including working within the ARH and MRH engineering management systems of Airbus Australia Pacific and its suppliers.

Dylan Wise

Aerospace Engineer

Dylan is an experienced aerospace system engineer who has recently transitioned into defence industry. Dylan holds a PhD in Aerospace Engineering where he researched Hypersonic's.

Steve Ward

Principal Aerospace Engineer

Steve is a experienced Aerospace Engineer who has demonstrated extensive Defence Industry experience holding Senior, Principal and Chief Engineer roles.

Alan Strelow

Senior Systems Engineer

Alan is experienced aerospace systems engineer with engineering operations management expertise covering technical, contract and risk management. He has strong project management and leadership capability.